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July 15, 2019

Whether you’re enjoying a relaxed holiday or you’re away from home on business the ideal place will vary from person to person. We all have different lifestyles and individual routines which means the features we require will also be different. With new and more exciting features continually being added here’s some information about the most requested features of serviced apartments.


Needless to say, requests relating to Wi-Fi are easily the most frequent. Not only do people ask if there’s Wi-Fi available but they want to know the speed and quality of the service. Ensuring that they have access to a stable and reliable internet source means that they can keep up to date with late night emails and catch up with family without worrying that their conversation will be cut short.

24 Hour Reception

The luxury of a 24 hour reception with the convenience of a home away from home is one of the reasons that serviced apartments are becoming so popular. This feature is desirable because it offers hotel style comfort as there’s always someone at the end of the phone to answer and queries or questions that you may have. It also allows for any time check in meaning that you’ll be able to check in as soon as you land regardless of the time.

Fitted Kitchen

One of the biggest differences between a hotel and a serviced apartment is that you have access to a fully fitted kitchen, making you feel right at home. Kitchen appliances vary depending on where you choose to stay so it’s important that you check exactly what they offer. If you’re going to need access to certain appliances such as a coffee machine or a slow cooker be sure to ask if they’re available.

On Site Gym

If you’re staying in your serviced apartment for more than a few weeks then this feature is worth considering. More and more people are now requesting access to an on site gym so they can keep fit without having to fork out on an expensive short term gym membership. It doesn’t have to be a state of the art facility, just a relaxing space with some gym equipment such as a running machine and free weights.


One of the slightly less glamorous aspects of staying away from home is keeping up with your washing and drying. Hotels charge a lot of money for this service and dragging your washing to a laundrette doesn’t seem like a likely option. Having access to a washer and dryer is the most budget friendly and convenient options which explains why it’s one of the most requested features of serviced apartments.


Of course your apartment will have a television but does it offer you the features that are going to make your stay enjoyable? If you’re a big sports fan then you’re going to want access to the sports channels and if you’re a movie buff then you’ll need your nightly Netflix fill. Smart televisions with access to all sky channels are becoming a frequently requested feature especially for people who want to stay for longer periods of time.

Outdoor Space

Having access to an outdoor space, even if this is communal space, can make a big difference. Being able to sit outside when the weather is favourable is appealing to many whether it’s a short term stay or a long term one.


By considering these frequently requested features of serviced apartments you can be sure that you’re asking the right questions and making sure that you’re choosing the right serviced apartment for you. If you’re looking to explore Melbourne, then why not do it in style with a stunning serviced apartment from QSquared? Contact us today or book now direct and receive a 5% discount on your total stay.


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