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Tips for choosing the perfect Serviced Apartment

July 20, 2020


Serviced Apartments are essentially a home away from home. Why be confined to a studio hotel room when you can get an apartment that has separate living area, bedrooms and kitchen. A hotel is fine for a short stay but a serviced apartment is preferable if you require accommodation for any length of time.

Preference is to be close to wherever it is that brought you to the city in the first place. Last thing you need is to have to drive or use public transport to get where you have to go. The higher concentration of serviced apartments will be in or close to the CBD. Being in the CBD brings more noise and higher costs while those on the fringe will often have free parking and less traffic.


Requirements differ from person to person so choose what is important to you. Those with pools, gyms and restaurants and likely to cost more than those without. Parking is a big factor, free parking is effectively going to cost you $30 per day in those that only have paid parking. Free Wi-Fi is also a big factor these days – many offer free Wi-Fi but then it is capped or throttled so they then charge high costs to for excess usage.


Consider your budget and remember that you generally get what you pay for, you cannot expect 5-star accommodation if you are only prepared to pay budget pricing. If it’s cheap then generally there is a reason for that. Factor in what is being offered around parking and Wi-Fi, as high prices are often the norm.  Ask them for extended stay pricing as often there is a matrix based on the length of stay eg daily rate on a 2-night stay would be a lot more than the daily rate on a month-long stay.

Online Travel Agents

99% of travel agents are owned by large International companies who charge high commission. Those fees would then be passed onto the guest, always book directly through the business, be that through their own website or by phone. Remember using an O/S agent means that your money is going offshore and not helping the local economy.

Customer reviews

Customer feedback is the best way to get an honest, unbiased account of what it’s like to stay in each serviced apartment. Sites like Trip Advisor allow you to get real unedited feedback which is preferable to reviews on the accommodations own website as that is open to manipulation.


Take the time to plan your trip using the above points to ensure you get what you need to make your stay a comfortable enjoyable experience.