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October 20, 2020

Serviced apartments are fast becoming, if not already, the preferred place to stay for travelers in Melbourne. The quality stay, premium services, presence of all essential things, security, privacy, and space are all factors that make it the preference over a studio-style Hotel room.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why should you stay in Serviced apartments:

24-Hour Check-In:

Check-In is available around the clock 24/7 through the reception in normal office hours or the automated after-hours lockbox.

On-Site Live-In Manager:

Access to a live-in manager who can deal with issues that might arise which cannot wait until reception reopens.

Home Comforts:

Apartments come equipped with the comforts of home – be it a comfortable bed, kitchen accessories, entertainment tools like Smart TVs,  Free Wi-Fi, Off-Street Parking, and more. In simple terms, we can say, it provides the home away from home experience.

Privacy and freedom:

When you book at Q Squared Serviced apartments, you can rest assured that you have a place to relax, enjoy, work and or recuperate. It will be a quiet, safe and secure environment, there won’t be the hustle and bustle of a Hotel with crowded receptions.


On booking a hotel, you have limited space to stay, whereas, serviced apartments offer a lot more space with separate living areas and bedrooms. Generally, Hotels will offer a studio style room with your bed in the same open space as all other accessories giving no privacy if one of you wants to sleep while other family members want to watch TV, etc Here you can enjoy some privacy and space to do your own thing without being on top of each other.

Welcome pack:

You will be provided with a comprehensive Compendium with relevant details relating to your stay and facilities in the area as well as a quick info guide. You will also have access to tea, coffee, milk, etc in your apartment to settle in with on arrival.

Value for Money:

Paying for an entire apartment that is complete with kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and is often cheaper than a single studio at a hotel. Most serviced apartments offer the same kind of facilities as a hotel which is more comfortable. It is not comparing apples with apples given the extras you get in a serviced apartment.

Fully furnished:

Q Squared Serviced apartments are fully furnished along with all the appliances you may need such as smart television, washing machine, stovetop with oven, and refrigerator. These are the added features that you may not get in a typical hotel room. Further, there is a regular maintenance service available in the room, wherein the housekeeper will be looking after your room to make sure it is clean regularly.