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The Savvy Traveller: Benefits Of Serviced Apartments

There are many benefits of serviced apartments over hotels for those savvy travellers who are looking for more out of their accommodation. In this article, we explore the top 5 benefits of serviced apartments that you should exploit on your next trip. Go forth savvy traveller and spread out with enhanced amenities that encourage restorative and relaxing stays!

May 26, 2019

5 Benefits Of Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

Travel is a passion shared by many. Exploring new cities, tasting different flavours – all while forging memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. All these experiences are hinged on the accommodation you choose, hindering or exposing you to the best spots your destination has to offer. If you’re leaning towards serviced apartments vs hotels, you already have an edge over the tourism market. Here are the benefits of choosing Q Squared serviced apartments over a hotel.

1. Entertaining is an option

If you’re visiting a different city, then you are likely with a group of people or intend on connecting with one. It could be a work or personal engagement that requires you to conduct a meeting in your quarters, and serviced apartments are perfect in accommodating that arrangement. Hotels are ideal as a place to sleep and keep your belongings, but the benefits of serviced apartments are that they cater for everything else. Unlike hotels, serviced apartments have spaces that are sectioned off with doors and corridors so that bedrooms can be out of view.

2. The best option for families and groups

Hotels are great for couples, sure. But serviced apartments are too, as well as being the best option for families and groups. When travelling in greater numbers, the need to spread out and have varied spaces is vital to a comfortable stay for all. Rather than having to escape to the lobby to get a moment’s peace or to take a call, you can inhabit a one, two or three bedroom serviced apartment and enjoy accommodation like home.

3. Designed for work or leisure

Our lifestyle has changed, but hotels haven’t kept up. Paying for clunky WiFi by the hour is not an option for the modern day business or leisure travellers. Neither are small rooms that don’t come with living spaces and everyday amenities. Having a workstation and reliable WiFi will allow you to make the most out of your stay, whether it’s getting work done or finding a great restaurant online to try for dinner.

4. Greater value

Serviced apartments are a leading option for those who are need accommodation for longer than just a weekend. Generally speaking hotels are a more expensive option than serviced apartments, they are also not designed for long stay arrangements. If you are requiring accommodation for an extended period of time, or likely could need it after you check in, a serviced apartment option will give you greater flexibility and better value overall.

5. Cooking and kitchen facilities

There are some stays where you require more than just a bed. Perhaps you are visiting a relative in hospital, or working at a practice for an extended period of time. Serviced apartments will cater to these occasions, providing the means to cook meals throughout your stay. If you’re looking at the hotel minibar for sustenance, you may want to review your options.


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