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Convid-19 Safe

As the world slowly opens up again in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Q Squared Serviced Apartment stays are set to be organised slightly differently. Some practices may have to be shelved and new protocols introduced to ensure that guests and staff feel safe and protected. Here are some of the ways in which Q Squared will adapt from now on :
1. Cleanliness
Travelers have always rated serviced apartment / hotel cleanliness highly, but will be hyper-conscious and vigilant around it going forward. Q Squared will demonstrate that we have implemented enhanced health and safety protocols for cleaning guest apartments and common areas, as well as back-of-house areas. Auditing initiatives will ultimately be implemented to measure compliance with a stated-criteria for cleanliness.
Examples will be protocols around the deep-cleaning of bedrooms and bathrooms after guests check out. There will also be extra disinfection of the most frequently touched guests room areas, including light switches, door handles, TV remotes and thermostats.
2. Check-Ins
We all enjoy being welcomed at reception by smiling hotel staff, but consideration will be given to implement automated self-check-in procedures. Virtual check-ins allow guests to check-in, without ever having to interact with the front desk.
Changes to check-in procedures may also include the installation of social distancing floor decals, front desk partitions and hand sanitizing stations. Temperature checks before entering the hotel or while staying there are also a consideration.
3. Communication
Communication with guests will be transitioned to a digital platform through email, social media and digital display boards while still having a manned reception for emergencies.
4. Payment
Payments will be encouraged to be via EFT and or pay wave as opposed to the traditional way of handing over a bank card exposing both staff and guest to contamination.
5. Minimalism
While we all love the luxury touches in hotel rooms, it looks like minimalism will be the way forward in reducing the number of items that need to be disinfected. This means possibly waving goodbye to complimentary pens, paper, magazines and guest directories, and other items that we love but are not crucial to the room.